Saturday, 17 November 2012

Stained old nudie pics

My parents have, for years now, been slowly and calmly been attempting to ride their home of all my old crap so that it clutters my flat rather than their house. This is fair enough, though I am running a fairly successful counter strike of neglecting to remove items from their home when I am there. Today as part of their operation my old portfolio was delivered to my flat.

I have had a delighted morning sprawled on the floor pawing over long forgotten images and projects and smiling at the meories they have brought rushing back. I was pleased to discover I actually still really like a lot of the work I had done, especially my life drawing. As most of them are massive it is a dull process to scan them in in sections and then join them together (it's probably even duller to read about it, sorry about that....oh well nothing we can do about it now. You can't unread it, we'll just have to press on) but I do intend to preserve them this way.

Already many of them have been stained by some unknown brown slurry (I'm going to tell myself it add character and try take comfort in that). I present a few of very old life drawings for your pleasure and will no doubt post more in the future when I find the time to repeat the scan and join process.

I do feel newly inspired to return to life drawing classes looking at these so if you are very good you might get brand new life drawings and wouldn't that be something to tell the kids about?!

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