Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bowie shaped filler

It has been nearly a week since I last posted anything here. It was not my intention to leave it that long. It just seems that it is difficult to try and fit blogging in around my full time work (trying to save peoples brains and all), being creative and trying to live a life of sorts. It is especially hard with the run up to Christmas beginning as I have taken it upon myself to design my own Christmas cards and even a couple of presents for a couple of lucky (?) people.

I went life drawing again last night so I will scan in a few of those and post them at some point when I have more time but not tonight. Tonight is date night with my foul mouthed doctor friend Helen: a free lecture on Phillip K Dick, followed by 2-4-1 Pizza Express dinner, then 2-4-1 cinema tickets to ‘The Master’ at the best darn cinema in the UK, The Duke of York’s. A cheap but perfect evening ahead, I hope you have something equally great planned…it seems unlikely.

Anyway while I’m out living the dream I will leave you with a drawing I did a while back of David Bowie. It sort of follows on from the last post… the life model resembled the Bowie period that inspired me to do the below illustration in the first place. It is also a bit wintery…look at the snow.

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