Thursday, 1 November 2012

As seen on somebody else's blog

One of the chief inspirations to dip my toe into the blog….water, was that I had just very recently been asked to illustrate the header for a friend’s blog. The delightful and talented lingerie designing vintage darling Ruth Schechner is keeping a blog to catalogue her progress through a degree in contour fashion (knickers and bras to the average plebe on the street….which I no longer group myself with). The blog is called ‘Lessons in Scarlet’ for which I drew a cardinal on a chalk board. The chalk board because of the lesson in class, industry (and in life) Ruth will no doubt experience over the next three years. A cardinal has been said to symbolise passion, an activated life force and identity. Ruth also had cardinals in her backyard in Georgia growing up. But mainly because cardinals are kinda red and so is the colour scarlet…so you see what I did there?

I was pretty happy with the header so here it is below. You should also go check it out on Ruth’s blog where it sits above her excellent work.

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