Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sharing The Love: Part Two

What’s with the drawing of the boozy, meat pawed, man child? That is a (none too flattering) portrait of Mr Daniel Locke. He is a brutish flesh engine of a basketball player not above swatting girls to the ground to reach the ‘bucket’. He is known to be prone to fits of mania, inducing himself into a giggling almost feverish state with his own humour. Like Nick Cave, he rocks a wagon R. In short he is an excellent friend to have.   
However none of this is why a line drawing of his face is staring you down right now. Dan also happens to be a very talented monkey. He is a skilled all round artist but to my mind Dan is the most naturally gifted in the arena of the comic book. In fact I would go so far as to say he is THE MOST naturally gifted comic book artist I have ever met. His comic book work is beautiful, intelligently observed, sensitive and often sweetly nostalgic. Dan has already been published in a number of excellent comic book compendiums where his work has been nestled alongside many other gifted contemporise but next year will see the publishing of his first fully solo graphic novel. I urge you to seek down this fine fellows work. I urge you really firmly….at knife point.

You can start right now, below links and pictures:
Here the man has a website

and also here he has a blog

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