Friday, 30 November 2012

Digression and then Sharing The Love: Part Three

Due to the boiler death outline in the last post I had to shower at work this morning and will have to continue to do so until Thursday. The male shower at work is located gents toilets, there are three cubicles, two contain toilets and the last a shower. These are the communal toilets for patients and staff alike, so it was with a certain degree of uncertainty I embarked on this venture. The shower cubicle is just that, no shelves or anything, so no where to put clothes and bags, so after a period of hesitation I disrobed in a toilet cubicle and left my mountain of winter clothes in there. Though it is a short distance between cubicle to cubicle the anxiety of the prospect of a meeting (an early patient sent to provide a urine sample or a lab technician planning to void his bowels for the first time of the day) while in only boxer shorts can not be underestimated. Also crossing a hospital toilet floor with bare feet is one of the more psychologically unsettling tasks I’ve had to undertake.

The water was at least hot even if the stream feeble and fluctuating, it was very much like standing under an elderly gentleman with prostate trouble attempting to void his bladder. I have often ideally wondered why the sinks and mirrors above the sinks in the unit toilets are so low; they reflect your torso and cut out the head all together. This had always been a mild curiosity but post shower upgraded to mild inconvenience. Kneeling on the floor to comb your hair makes you feel like a dick.

So that was my morning and it has nothing to do with this post, I just needed to share that. One of my best friends is a film maker called Leanne Welham. She is a partial deaf little creature with one hand bigger than the other, she progresses through life managing to be confused and irritated by it at the same time. Look I did a picture of her.

 Despite this she is a beautiful and talented film maker and will be a very big name in British film making I promise you. She is currently working on her first feature film, Twitcher a dark yet uplifting human drama. I can tell you it is going to be brilliant already because I have read every draft of the script so far (and made lots of wise suggestions). I can also tell you it will be brilliant based on the three short films Leanne has written and directed so far: Novo, Transgress and her latest Nocturn. Nocturn has played many important festivals and impressed many important people and has won awards and that and is quite incredible. You can download it at itunes for less than £1.50p, you’d be a fool not to and you don’t want to be a fool do you?

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