Monday, 2 September 2013

Odds and Sods (as my Father would say)

I’ve neglected this blog I know. I’ve been busy doing bits and pieces but nothing really like a finished project or piece.
I have however done the odd drawing here and there for other people. In a particularly weak attempt to make it look like I’m a really interesting person, who is working on really interesting stuff and has a really interesting blog I’m shamelessly going to palm off cards and envelopes I drew for other people on you. That’s what is happening.

Birthday card for my friend Jon. He loves Dr Who and has a unbearably stupid cat, so....
Birthday cards for 'Lesson in Scarlet' Ruth because she once wanted a tattoo of a mountain goat on a thimble and she likes unicorns.....hope she doesn't see this before wednesday because it will kinda ruin the surprise of her birthday card.

I once sent Ruth a letter clad unusually in a fairly plain envelope and her flatmate Beth totally called me on it so with the next envelope shit got real and I brought my A game.

My little brother got married this year. My sister in law was particularly found of the cat plates I had done previously. When it came to their wedding present, this happened: