Sunday, 20 January 2013

Back to the Bee's Mouth

As the snow mounts up outside I thought I'd scan last weeks drawings from the life drawing class at The Bee's Mouth Pub. It was the busiest yet and movement and space was limited for both the model and the artists. This time my friend Roni joined Lizzie and I. Roni has NEVER draw before and she found it a draining and emotional experience. I was already impressed with her for turning up and giving it a go. I was even more impressed when I saw how well her drawings came out. I look forward to seeing her develop her style and skills because she has made one hell of a strong start for a first timer.

I myself struggled a little with having a female life model...not because I was shy you's just I find the softer shapes of the female form more of a challenge then drawing the male figure. I'm not sure why, I think my style just sits better with sharper angles and straighter lines.

Finally, I dug out this old life drawing from my university days as Lizzie was taking about may be trying to use an ink pot and dip pen next time. I was sure I had done some life drawing with a dip pen...this is the only evidence I could find. It is not that I decided not to draw the model in this class, it was that the model did not turn up! The tutor insisted that we carry on as planned and draw the space without the model. I still remember him informing some French exchange students that the model was merely 'the cherry on the cake' and one of them writing this down in her notes baffled.

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