Monday, 7 January 2013

Cats and Bobs

Two of my oldest and closest friends had themselves birthdays. I made them presents. Hannah as a child had a cat fetish that extended as far as a shrine to cats.... she got over this but the rest of us never have and she has never escaped the nickname 'Hannah Cats'. Hence her presents.

Our friend Alan does not have a cat fetish, he does have a Mark Knopfler fetish...which is far more disturbing. More naturally Alan also loves Bob Dylan....especially when Bob got Mark in to play on his track Blind Willie McTell. Alan (to his excitement) saw them play together a year ago...and they weren't selling commemorative chinaware oddly. I rectified this over sight. Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler together on a plate and bowl...with my favourite lyrics from Blind Willie McTell on their heads.
I'm a great friend.


  1. BRILLIANT. The second cat is so hilarious he made me spit out my tea. Leave everything Captain, you have your new calling: china, dahhling!

  2. Good thing I didn't put it on a tea cup then. Imagine the mess while trying to drinking from that!
    Wait until the mighty collaboration hits china.x