Saturday, 9 February 2013

Now That I Know

There is new work coming but I am working on a number of different things at once and this, I fear, tends to delay all of the projects. I'd also be making a lier of myself if I did not confess to a fair degree of social activity over creativity in the last few weeks. It is a difficult cross to bare to be both naturally talented AND hugely popular. I struggle on. Anyway in the absence of up to date work I thought I'd post some very very old work. A comic strip I started 9 years ago but was then distracted from by becoming a nurse. It was called 'Now That I Know' and it was going to be an exaggerated biography of sorts, personal and neurotic. It was to be loosely about moving on after a signifigant relationship ends and other joys of life. Originally I intended it to be a series of one page strips like below:

But then I decide to make it a complete on going story line. It was published by my friend Sean under his excellent underground comic publishing guise Paper Tiger. Hope you enjoy be clear it was meant to be funny not depressing! I just find humour in the sadder or anxiety fuelled moments of life. It amused me anyway. Eagled eyed readers will spot fellow bloggers Dan Locke and Lawrence Elwick.

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