Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another taste of The Bee's Mouth

It has been a while. A very long while. I am sorry about that. If it has put you out and you are looking for someone to direct your anger at you may blame my brother. He got married and as he lives in Sydney I was required to leave the Captain's Lodge and travel to distant shores on the otherside of the world. I must say I found the Pacific ocean an awe inspiring beauty that meets with a most pleasing coast line. However a side effect of this travel, participation in happy events and beach life is that I have neglected to post anything on my beloved blog.

Just before I left for the colonies an unexpected event took place at the Bee's Mouth life drawing class. The model 'slept in'. As the class takes place at 7:30 in the PM I find this an impressive achievement. The little back room was the busiest I've ever witnessed but we lacked a model. In an unexpected and as it turns out inspired move the teacher decide not to cancel the class, electing instead to talk one of the artists to turn model for the evening. With palpable discomfort and unwillingness one brave chap stripped off to pose for the rest of the class. This was clearly not something he relished and was made worst by the fact he had a friend in the 'audience', a rather stricking young lady who spend as much time laughing at her friends discomfort as she did drawing.

For saving the class and for going ahead with modelling despite obviously hating every minute I dedicate this blog to the unexpected model. You are a bolder man than I and I thank you for stepping up.

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  1. yo still life drawing? going tues...out of practice......